Friday, January 28, 2011

Holiday pitstops

Winding our way back home from our recent holiday at Hawks Nest in New South Wales we made a few pitstops along the way, taking in the gorgeous rural scenery...

There was a leisurely lunch at Berowra Waters - we took the ferry to the other side for lunch at the marina:

We stopped at Leura in the Blue Mountains to marvel at The Three Sisters and take photographs along with the hordes of tourists:

Whilst in the Blue Mountains we also stopped to peer through the fencing to sneak a peek at the beautiful old Hydro Majestic that's currently closed for major renovation - it's due to open in 2012 and I've promised my aunt that we'll return to enjoy lunch there next year:

We stopped for coffee at Berrima and went for a walk to look at lots of pretty gardens and cottages:

Then we stayed overnight at Gundagai (roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne) and while I can't say there was a lot to take in at this very small town, the old timber railway bridge, which is no longer used, was a pretty sight. For some reason it reminded me of the railway line in the movie 'Stand By Me'.

And to think, if we had have caught the plane we would have missed all that and more!


Anonymous said...

Love Berrima!

Millie said...

Glad to hear the old Hydro Majestic is getting a revamp. Last time I was there it was a pretty sad place & that swirly floral Axminster carpet made me feel quite woosy!
Millie x

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