Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday shop post: Red Hill House

I haven't done a Monday Shop Post in a long, long time...I must get back into the habit, but in all honesty, shopping is not on my radar much at the moment. Just trying to get through a backlog of work.

Whenever I make the trip down to Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula to visit my friend Harry I try to find the time to drop in to Red Hill House in Red Hill (of course) - although it's only open on weekends and it's not situated in a row of shops but rather it's right next to the farm equipment and produce yard! But it's a lovely little shop, with an ever-changing array of goods so it's usually worth making a pitstop.  Here's a taste of what's in store at Red Hill House:

[All images from Red Hill House]


Jacky said...

Nice place for a little pit-stop Lee!

Jacky xox

First House on the Right said...

Wow, what a lovely pit stop :) Nicolex

Chiara said...

greetings from texas....wish they had a store here...if they do i haven't discovered it yet!

Notjustnat said...

Good thing I'm not there! You know me with the strings! Never have enough of strings hehe! A lovely shop Lee - thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat

mondo cherry said...

Wat beautiful displays. I will put that on my list of shops to visit when I next head down to Melbourne to visit Joy - I might need to go for a month the way my list is getting longer!
Clare x

Millie said...

They'd have to turf me out at closing time Lee, I'd need at least 24hrs. to do justice to this gorgeous place!
Millie x

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