Monday, July 25, 2011

Place: Wellington

Last week I spent a few rainy days working in Wellington - that didn't stop me from exploring...up to the Botanical Gardens in the Wellington Cable Car, a walk through the beautiful gardens (it was worth walking in the pouring rain just to see the most magnificent magnolia tree I've ever seen in full bloom). An added bonus: I had the gardens all to myself! Then I meandered down Tinakori Road, and browsed through Millwood Gallery whereupon I purchased the fabulously illustrated Wellington Book:

And now I'm back home in similarly wet and windy Melbourne!

[Images from The Wellington Book]

1 comment:

Jacky said...

Lee I love the look of the Wellington book. Looking forward to having a peek.

Lovely to have you home again and I am looking forward to our visit to the Arichibald Exhibition next weekend.

Jacky xox

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