Friday, November 4, 2011

Mirror love and indigo infatuation

Thanks to this fabulous post by Mr Jason Grant I am now besotted with the mirror in this pic - I want to jump on a plane, head up to Sydney, tuck this mirror under my arm and bring it home with me. I think it would be perfect for our new house...but there's just a couple of things stopping me: (1) we have a lot of rebuilding to do before I can even start decorating; and (2) I don't think the flight attendant would let me put this mirror in the overhead locker as carry on baggage.

Actually, the whole Small Spaces store looks fabulous and I think I'd have a hard time containing myself to just buying the mirror!  Can't we have a Small Spaces off-shoot in Melbourne please??

Small Spaces, 674 Bourke Street, Redfern.

Also, given the other things that have recently taken my fancy for the new house, I think there's going to be a fair smattering of indigo in the new house:

And because I'm all over the shop at the moment thinking about the endless possibilities for our little weatherboard house in the country, I'd like a bit of wall panelling too!

P.S. Normally I am fastidious about attributing the images I use to their owners, but unfortunately apart from the top two images from the very lovely Small Spaces, I have had these images tucked away in my archives for quite a while and I can't recollect where they originated from. My apologies. And please, if you know where they're from let me know and I'll pop the links in the post.


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Oh that mirror is fabulous! And I'm all over indigo right now too. Just painted my dining room that color. It takes a while to change a color pallette but that's the great thing about moving into a new space. My current place is temporary. We'll move by next summer so I'm storing these ideas in my file too! Thanks for sharing!


wooow love these interiors!! Just perfect :o)

You have good taste :o)

Millie said...

I absolutely adore that desk Lee!! I'm off to offer to open a store branch in Stirling, I have no doubt they will snap up my offer!
Millie xx

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