Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drawing @ St Agnes

Yesterday Ispent the most delightful day with my sister here...
...at the stables at St Agnes Homestead in Kyneton...

Learning to do this...

...that is, I was learning how to draw with pencil and inks.  The above images are of the beautiful, nature-filled artwork by the very talented, very lovely, and very inspiring artist Sarah Gabriel. I cannot remember the last time I have felt so totally immersed in what I was doing - the hours just flew by! Such a lovely way to spend a Monday.

Not only was Sarah very inspiring, so were our lovely surrounds. Here's a few more images of St Agnes Homestead:

I very stupidly forgot to take my camera and so have to use these images from St Agnes and Lauriston Press for this post - my sister did however take many lovely photos. I'll repost or link to her post when her photos are up, in the meantime these will have to suffice. Note to self: Keep your camera in your handbag at all times! Now that's a good new year's resolution.

[Images: 1 & 5-9 - St Agnes Homestead; 2-4 -Lauriston Press]


Fabulously French said...

Wow what a great way to spend the day, willput it on my "to do" list for when we are next in Australia.

Leeann x

Glamour Drops said...

Such a delight these country weekends when you get to discover wonderful treasures like this. Sad you forgot the camera - but these images create a lovely atmosphere anyway.

Miranda said...

Missing your posts!
Hope all is well and that you'll be back soon.

Melissah from Country Style Chic said...

Thanks for the tip - that looks like a gorgeous place to stay - I'm only in Anglesea so not too far away!
I just signed up as your latest follower and I look forward to popping back for some more inspiration!

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