Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bison ceramics

I have a thing for celadon green vases, jugs and knick knacks - I can't help myself, I see one that takes my fancy I just have to have it (much to my husband and son's dismay). Well imagine my delight when I was in the city browsing during my lunch hour and I came across the cutest little shop carrying nothing but Bison ceramics in a range of beautiful muted colours. I just had to have a vase, in green of course! I think the shop is Bison's only retail outlet in Australia so I feel particularly blessed to have come across it in my home town. I wish I had my camera with me at the time.

The first image is from Bison's own website and shows the wonderful range of ceramics they produce. You can find out more about Bison's ceramics and its creator Brian Tunks right here.

The second image is the little green vase that I bought - it has found a home on my bedroom window sill. I'm looking forward to putting bunch of sweet pea or peonies in this vase.


Catherine said...

Hi Lee. Thanks for visiting my blog and for putting simply natural on your blogroll. I love Bison ceramics and next time I'm in Melbourne I will try and visit. You have such great shops over there in Melbourne! Love your desktop photo in your first post too. Good luck with the blogging, hope you enjoy it!

Millie said...

I love Bison too Lee. A friend of mine is a great chum of Brian's, so I've met him on a couple of occasions & he's a hoot, very naughty & irreverent, but oh so talented!

I have a set of his gorgeous beakers in pastels & my pride & joy is a set of the mixing bowls. I use them every day & want to add to my collection again soon.
Millie ^_^

Lee said...

Dear Millie and Catherine

Thank you so much for your support and kind and welcoming words - it really means the world to a novice blogger like me.

And Millie, although small the Bison shop is filled to the brim with the most beautiful ceramics. It's my intention to slowly but surely put together a small collection of my own over time. How envious I am of your beakers and mixing bowl set - I bet they look simply gorgeous in your home.

Dot said...

Sounds like a beautiful shop Lee. And your new green vase looks perfect in it's new home!

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