Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art: Michelle Giacobello

If I'm a good girl and get all my work done today I'm going to take a walk to the Louey and Lane Gallery to admire the work of local artist Michelle Giacobello - lucky for me the gallery is open until 7pm on Wednesdays!

I have fallen for this gorgeous little painting by Michelle titled 'The Appointed Place':

Her landscapes also really appeal to me. I'd love to purchase the following painting titled 'Counting Sheep', but I think it's already sold. I wonder whose wall it is gracing now...I hope it has a lovely home and that it is enjoyed each and every day.

Other landscapes by Michelle Giacobello that I also adore...


'Weekends at the farm'

'And they were lovers on that day'

'The softness of proteas'

All images are from Michelle Giacobello's website. To see more of the beautiful paintings by this talented artist, check out her site.


Kerry said...

Hi Lee,
thanks for stopping by my blog...can't believe you have a pear as your icon! Love your header too. I went to buy some of those shoe lasts when I lived in England (20 years ago, eek) but for some reason didn't. Still kicking myself all this time later!

Jacky said...

The softness of proteas has to be my favourite...wonderful art!

Jacky xox

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