Monday, March 22, 2010

Regular blogging resumes / Monday shop post: Mac Pelican

I've had quite a busy time working on some large work projects over the past few months and so decided to take some time away from blogging so I could concentrate on these projects.  I think this was actually a very good thing for me ... the blogging pause gave me time to think about what I blog about and I realised that I was probably blogging more for others than myself.  Plus I write and patch up learning materials for a living and I found that I was starting to see blogging as just another writing task that I had to commit to, rather than something joyful and creative.
So after some time away I feel rejuvenated and I've decided to focus more on blogging about things that I really like whenever I feel like it - not sure exactly what this means yet, but you're welcome to drop by any time to take a look.

Lee :)

To start the ball rolling again, I thought I'd post a few pictures of a cute little shop in Hawthorn, Melbourne, that I want to get around to visiting when I get a spare moment.  It goes by the very intriguing name of Mac Pelican and the address is 842 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. Hope you like it too.

All images from Mac Pelican.  You can check out their site for lots more lovely pictures.


Annie@A View On Design said...

well WB blogger! I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever return- so glad you are --- can't wait to see your work continue. I def only do my blogs for me, so I know what you mean about crossing the line of it being for others,... it's natural I think considering so many judge (I mean comment)!!! hehe

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Wonderful to have you back Lee.. You've been sitting on my blogroll just waiting for your return!! happy days!

I know what you mean about sometimes we blog for others.. actually.. i'm not sure what I mean either.. but I've always loved your posts and your genuine style and text.. so bring it on.!!! Have fun xxx Julie

Jane said...

Welcome back. You have been missed. And YES agree with philosophy - post what you want when you want. xoxo

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

lee!!!! have missed you, was just thinking about you today, actually. welcome back. blog on whatever you want, i'll be reading. hope your break away from the blogosphere was wonderful. xx

Brabourne Farm said...

Hi Lee

It's so lovely to have you back - I've really missed all your fabulous posts, especially your Monday shop posts! And as usual you haven't disappointed - love the quirky name of today's shop. Leigh

Kimberlee said...

woo hoo! so glad to see you back Lee. and even more so to see you back on your own terms. Looking forward to seeing the special things you decide to post. The best way to blog xx

Cyma said...

Yipee, Lee you were missed. I'm just so happy to see you back here. Look forward to your posts :)


It's great to see you back, Lee! I'll always be happy to see your posts whenever you decide to do so. Have a great week. :)

Mrs B said...

Hi Lee

Great to see you back and refreshed! I think we all need time to reflect about our blogs as they are very time consuming and coming up with fresh ideas all the time can be challenging.
Still love your Monday Posts!!!

Mrs B xx

Jacky said...

Welcome back Lee.... mmmm another shop you will have to take me too on our next trip.
Lovely you are blogging for yourself...lucky us, we love the things you find out and about.

Sending a big hug!

Jacky xox

Millie said...

What a lovely surprise to find your comment today Lee - welcome back! You are perfectly correct in your observations about blogging, just do what feels right for you. Lovely to know that normal Monday Shop post transmissions wil resume.
Millie ^_^

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