Monday, August 15, 2011

Of tiles and catch ups

I had such a lovely 'catch up' with my girlfriend Alex on Saturday. We met in South Melbourne as we both wanted to check out the tiles at Aeria.  I tell you, there are so many beautiful tiles in that one shop! I fell in love with these encaustic cement tiles (the ones on the left) - we're thinking of using them when we retile our front verandah shortly:

I also loved the plain encaustic cement tiles - such beautiful washed out colours:

The plain tiles look quite nice when an assortment of colours is used together:

Then we popped around the corner to St Ali's for the totally delicious pear and coconut bread paired with the best latte I've had in months. I seriously wish St Ali's was my local cafe. Unfortunately, I have to drive about 8 kms to get there!

Then we had a bit of browse around South Melbourne and fortuitously stumbled across (only because the car happened to be parked across the road) the recently opened Warehouse 8 @ 216 Coventry Street. Lots of vintage, industrial, provincial and depression era furniture here:

Their site has lots of information about the items in store - you can check it out here.

[Images: 1 to 4 - Aeria; 5 - Breakfast Out; 6 - Warehouse 8]

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Bree Oliver said...

Aeria is a favourite of mine too.

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