Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Place: Manly

Gourmet Traveller's recent 'Insider's Guide to Manly' definitely put Manly on my 'must do' list the next time I visit Sydney. Here's why:

Some swanky shopping at Mr and Mrs Smith:

And more goodies at Neck of the Woods:

Coffee seated here at Three Beans:

Dining with a great view at Manly Pavilion:
Do you have any Manly favourites?

[Images: Gourmet Traveller]


Porchlight Interiors said...

I just love Manly - would love to live there one day! Thanks for this gorgeous post! Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

so just a simple suggestion to ensure you check your facts are correct before posting them, or indeed read the article properly....
The final beautiful image is in fact the balcony and view from Sydney's best new restaurant; MANLY PAVILION and certainly NOT the crammed courtyard view at In Situ!!!! It would be good to change this.

Lee said...

Hi 'anonymous' - thanks for the tip. Just wanted to reassure you that I did read the article correctly - it just so happens that the Gourmet Traveller online slide show actually credited this image as In Situ. As you feel so strongly about this, you may want to contact Gourmet Traveller too in order to get them to change the credit on the photograph on their site. Thanks, Lee :)
P.S. I've amended my post to correctly reflect the picture.

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