Monday, September 5, 2011


It's so good to see a bookstore opening rather than closing down - and quite a stylish one at that! So heartening to read in my fave online newspaper 'Broadsheet Melbourne' about the opening of Embiggen Books @ 197-203 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. You can find out much, much more about this bookshop here and here. I'll definitely be wandering down Little Lonsdale Street for a visit on my next foray into town.

Of course that would entail a visit to Design Dispensary too - just down the street at 322 Little Lonsdale.

[Images: 1- Broadsheet Melbourne; 2 - Design For Use]

1 comment:

Georgina said...

oh yes, embiggen used to be in my town... but they moved to melbourne - enjoy it for me!

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