Thursday, September 15, 2011

A certain charm

This gorgeous apartment was created by Boddam Whetham Architects and it features in the 'Before & After Special' booklet that accompanies the October issue of the Real Living magazine. It's a simply beautiful clean, uncluttered space. My favourite features: (1) I especially love the dining bar up against the window. It's a terrific idea when you're tight on space; (2) the steel internal doors really add character to the space; (3) the unique bathroom pedestal (custom made) and basin.

You can click on the images for a closer look, or pop on over to Boddam Whetham to view the images of this and other beautiful architectural projects.

[All images from Boddam Whetham]


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous vanity and I love those doors too. The bar is a great idea for a small space but it still seems a shame for dinner parties - but I guess your options are limited with that small a space!

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

such a clever use of mirrors. amazing!
cheryl xox.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little gem Lee.
Millie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee
Love the feature you did on Daniel's apartment.
I found the website which is no h in Boddam)

Lee said...

Thanks so much for the tip - I've fixed the links so they work now. I really ought to check links before publishing them! Lee :)

Porchlight Interiors said...

Love the black metal framed glass doors entering into the bedroom.
Hayley x

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