Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday shop post - Lark Handmade & My Bookshop

Busy, busy day...and unfortunately very little time to think about shops & shopping...but luckily enough two very design savvy bloggers have brought to my attention two new shops that I really do want to check out sometime soon.

Natalie Walton over at the always inspirational Daily Imprint has a great interview with Allison Jones who has opened the lovely Lark Handmade in Daylesford.  You can check out the interview and some lovely pics of the shop here.

Image from Daily Imprint

And the ever-beautiful Melbourne blog Haven Home has introduced me to the new shop 'My Bookshop' that has recently opened in Hawksburn Village. I drove right past it on Saturday and was craning my neck to get a quick second glance as I drove past - unfortunately I was on my way elsewhere and didn't have time to stop, but I'm definitely going to pop in there next weekend.  You can find out more about this lovely new bookshop right here.

Image from Haven Home


Kifus said...

The "nobody panic" tote bag made me laugh! Off to have a look at their shop.

Angela Furlong said...

Some lovely new blogs to check out, thanks! x

Tiel Seivl said...

i would drive through this area on my way to work when I lived in melbourne, and would hope that I would get stuck behind a tram so I could peek into the shops. looks good.

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