Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks & 7 things

Well, this is a first for me - a blogging award!  The lovely Annie over at A View on Design has bestowed this very nice award on my little blog.  A big 'thank you' Annie, I really appreciate.  So, here's the idea behind the award:

1.Thank the person who gave you the award. (Done with pleasure)

2.Copy the Award. (See above)

3.Post it in your blog. (Here tis!)

4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don't know. (See below)

5. Link 7 new bloggers as recipients. (I'm too shy to do this, and at the end of a very long and busy week I'm just a wee bit too tired to even make my brain think about it)

6. Notify winners of award with comment on their blog.

7. Keep being Awesome.

Seven things you don't know about me (but obviously now do):
  1. I am a voracious reader - I'll read the paper from back to front every day, the back of the Weeties box, the junk mail, countless magazine articles, highbrow literature, lowbrow stuff, fiction, non-fiction. You name it, I'll read it, but I draw the line at reading science fiction. Can't stand it.
  2. Despite #1, I really enjoy watching science fiction movies.
  3. I am profoundly deaf in my left ear and have less than 50% hearing ability in my right ear (so obviously I use subtitles when watching those science fiction movies).
  4. I have a 'black thumb' in the garden, but slowly but surely I'm trying to learn more about gardening.
  5. I am not artistic in the least, but I do enjoy making lino cuts - I find it very therapeutic digging out bits of line with sharp little tools. Sad I know. A pic of one of my lino cuts is below. (Well, I did warn you, I have very little artistic ability).
  6. My credit card takes a battering because I have a terrible weakness for well-made leather shoes (preferably Italian).
  7. Each day I try my very best to give thanks for at least one thing.
Have a lovely weekend.  Lee :)


Jane said...

Hi Lee - that is a well deserved long overdue award as we all love your 'little' blog. So good to hear unknown things about you. The lino cutting is interesting I don't know how you do it without cutting your fingers!! ps thanks for Magnolia Square reminder - I hope to get there but may not!!

Millie said...

Congrats. on your Award Lee - so richly deserved. I always had the impression that you were an avid reader, so good to have another partner-in-book crime! And as for your lino-cuts, they are fantastic, you are very talented & don't you dare think otherwise!
Millie ^_^

Cyma said...

Congrats on the award, very well-deserved. Loved to get to know you a bit more :)

Annie@A View On Design said...

firstly, let me say I love that lino cut - so cute! Wish I could do that. I do wish you recommended 7 other blogs, that's the fun bit, BUT, so happy you told us some things about you, I particularly liked the addiction to reading, and don't we all have a "weathered" cc!

Keep up the blog babe!

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