Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday far away: Greenhouse Perth

If I could pick myself up and transplant myself somewhere else today I think I'd choose Greenhouse Perth for a spot of lunch. I was in Perth a couple of months ago - I wish I had have known about this place then. Oh well, maybe next time (that's why I'm blogging about it, so I do remember!!!).

The Greenhouse Perth site is 'green design' at its most gorgeous, as the Greenhouse site states:

"...its frame made from roll formed steel coil. Its cladding and surfaces, raw and unashamed, are made from plywood and recycled plastic. Hundreds of straw-bales in the walls and ceilings provide insulation. Vertical gardens spill greenery from the walls, and an abundant roof-top garden produces fresh ingredients for the kitchen and bar, and provides a serene place to escape the rat race."

A David Bromley painting / mural that I could sit and look at all day long.

The very talented Melbourne-based floral/installation designer Joost Bakker had a hand in designing the Greenhouse Perth. Here's just a sample of some of his work. More beautiful examples of his work can be found on his site:

(Images - 1-6: Greenhouse Perth; 7-12: Joost Bakker)


Kerry said...

Stunning...and that David Bromley...sigh. I'm pretty sure I've seen a house that has been designed with that same external structure of steel as well...perhaps it's in WA too. There wasn't anywhere this funky when I lived in Perth a million years ago!

Brabourne Farm said...

Lee this place looks absolutely divine - just love all the terracotta pots on the exterior wall! Hope you're having a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend. Leigh

Searching for Sporadic Surprises said...

I was in Perth last weekend and drove past this place on the way to the airport - how unlucky... no time to stop by! Definitely will next time though! Hope you had a nice Easter!


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

This place is fabulous, it is a really great spot to hang out.

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