Saturday, April 10, 2010

Textile designer: Margo Selby

Today I had a few minutes to spare before I met my friend Ann for lunch, just enough time to sneak into Turner & Lane (a great homewares shop in Malvern) for a quick peek.  I bought a set of great ramekins - all different bright colours. They're the perfect size for the yummy caramel fudge puddings I'm going to make tomorrow.  Anyway, I'm getting off track...while I was at Turner & Lane I spotted these fabulous cushions & throws by UK textile designer Margo Selby - I love the bright colours and patterns.  I've been a 'neutrals' girl most of my life, but just lately I'm lusting after a bit of colour - maybe Margo Selby's the way to go.

Some of Margo Selby's lustworthy items - cushions, throws, bedlinen, wall panels, wallpaper, rugs and lampshades and more...

(I wish I had a set of stairs in my home just so I could have this runner on them!)

[All images: Margo Selby]


Jacky said...

Oh Lee.... I love these textiles!!! That bed with the white linen accented with your colourful patterned throw and pillows is stunning. Definitely the way to go. You will have to take me to that shop next time I'm in town...I'm in lust too!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend and those caramel choc fudges sound yummy!

Jacky xox

Annie@A View On Design said...

despite appearing modern, I actually find them very refined in taste! Lovely style about them!

Jo Wholohan said...

so good to see your blogging again, arent the linens just YUM in these photos..... thanks so much for your kind words, just uploaded pics of my new studio to my blog if you want a peek :)) Im thrilled with it.....

thanks so much for your hospitality once again, loved every minute!!

coming down in august for 2 nights with my mum for her 60th, going to see a show and maybe get to camberwell again so looking forward to that

love to you all Jo xx

mondo cherry said...

I particularly love that stair runner. My staircase is very uninspiring and that would brighten it up beautifully.
Clare x

Cashon&Co said...

That stair runner is one of the best things I've seen in a LONG, LONG time. wow!

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