Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The giveaway goes to..

Thank you to those lovely readers that left a comment and participated in the giveaway. Unfortunately I only have one of magazines to give away, I'd love to give you all these gorgeous Christmas magazines!  I used the old fashioned way of selecting the recipient, i.e. by drawing a name out of the hat (my summer straw hat in fact)... and the magazines go to:


Heather, all you need to do is email me at glimpseofstyle@gmail.com with instructions on where to send the magazines and I'll pop them in the mail a.s.a.p. I hope you enjoy them and they give you lots of ideas for the festive season.


Fabulously french said...

Felicitations to the lucky winner

Leeann x

Heather said...

Thankyou so much Lee! And I just reaised I forgot to congratulate you! Its been lovely following you so far and may it continue!

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