Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today I love...

These fabulous budgerigar paintings by artist Ben Quilty:

The new towel range from Aura Home - I'm thinking of the spot towels (second image at front) for my own bathroom:

This great book from Mary Randolph Carter (it's on my Christmas wishlist):
[Image: Amazon]

These prints from Southwood Home - green being my favourite colour, I especially love the 'Eat Your Greens' print on the far left:

Speaking of green, I think these green tiles are pretty gorgeous too:

And also this glass and ceramic collection - simple but stunning: 

And finally, who could go past a great shell collection like this:
[Image: Martha Stewart]

Wishing you a happy weekend.


LINDA from OEKE said...

Hi Lee .. I love every one of your last posts. The butterfly artwork in the Robert Mills house, the cool malvern cafes, the 2 x paper stores, the vases, the bath towels. Great posts, fantastic.

Have a great weekend - let's hope for some sun heh (-:

Kimberlee said...

what a gorgeous post! those paintings are divine, they are going on my christmas wish list!

the book? i recently gave a copy to my friend Emma - she loved it as there is even a section totally dedicated to dogs, so cute!

hope you are well xx

Mandy said...

I adore Ben Quilty works, just wish I would have bought one when he was in my price range !!!

Notjustnat said...

I love your photos Lee. I like Ben Quilty works too, anything to do with quilts haha! Thanks for coming over today - Hugs Nat

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