Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday shop post: Papyrus Design

As Christmas nears my thoughts turn to stationery believe it or see, I like to make Christmas cards for my nearest and dearest - not everyone on my Christmas list, just a special few.  And of course I need supplies for my Christmas card making adventure. The two places I like to venture to in order to pick up paper, envelopes etc. are Rock, Paper, Scissors and Papyrus Design.  The latter has the most gorgeous range of paper-related 'stuff'.  Here, take peek at Papyrus Design:

Stationery sets and albums:

Tags and card sets:

Pencils in all the colours of the rainbow:

And pens too:

Plenty of goodies for the kids:

Beautiful leather goods:

Bookbinders notebooks and albums:

More cards and books:

Rows of exquisite wrapping paper:

Decorative ribbons by the metre or the roll:

Paper by the sheet and fabulous stickers to adorn gifts or envelopes:

 And to top it all off, a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the corner:

Conveniently, both Rock, Paper, Scissors and Papyrus Designs are located in High Street Armadale.  I'm looking forward to taking a trip to both shops this week to pick up my Christmas Cards supplies.  Now if I could just get my Christmas present list in order I'd feel just a little bit more organised.

[All images from Papyrus Design]


The Princess and The Pea said...

I can spend hours in a good stationery shop! Have a lovely week Nicolex

Jacky said...

Ooooh those pens and pencils (we both have an obsession about stationery dont we?). What luscious colours! And, I love those stickers too. And.... I love those beautiful papers!!!!
Have to pop in soon and visit Papyrus for some supplies.

Jacky xox

Leah - The Inside Story said...

I also love stationery. So many ideas. My mind starts racing with things to make.

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