Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A gift of ginger lilies

The house smells lovely at the moment. I put my key in the door, open it wide and the scent of ginger lilies greets me. My lovely friend Chris, who I go walking with nearly every Sunday morning, gave me these ginger lilies from her luscious overgrown garden. I just happened to comment on how great her garden smelled because of the ginger lilies, and before I knew it she'd whipped out her secateurs and cut a few stems for me. Then she grabbed her garden spade and dug out a whole plant for me to take home for my own garden. Don't you just love it when friends do stuff like that. So sweet. Such a pity though that the cut stems had to go some place distinctly unglamorous like my kitchen bench right next to the kettle!! The upside is, it currently feels like I'm making my morning cup of tea in the tropics :)

And to round things off in the flower stakes in my house at the moment, I just had to take a photographic record of the beautiful phalaenopsis orchid my husband gave me for Christmas. I am notoriously bad at keeping house plants alive, so I'm quite chuffed that he thought to buy me something that is relatively indestructible. But just in case I do manage to kill it, I thought I'd take a pic to show that I at least kept it alive for a couple of months.

I hope your home is filled with lovely flowers too.


Tricia Rose said...

I miss that glorious smell! It always reminds me of Sydney - I have never seen them in California, I wonder why not?

Brabourne Farm said...

This takes me instantly back to my childhood - this beautiful plant grew outside my bedroom window and even as a child I thought they had the most wonderful perfume. Sadly our house burnt down and every time I smell the perfume I'm back there! Thank you for the lovely memory. Leigh

PS I went into Sidetracked Depot last week - more fabulous than I could have imagined.

Stuart Membery Home Collection said...

Oh I just had a nostalgic rush - we don't have Ginger Lily in Bali. I brought some up with me from Sydney some years back - it quickly grew to knee high and then withered. I miss that Sydney smell too. Stu

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