Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday shop post: Sidetracked Depot

Just like you should never judge a book by its cover, so you should never judge a shop by its window front! Travelling back home from our recent holiday on the New South Wales central coast we made a quick pitstop at Bowral...I'm ashamed to say that we drove right past Sidetracked Depot.  At the time I thought it didn't look like my sort of shop, but I definitely regret that now after taking a squiz at their site and seeing what lay beyond the window front! Oh well, maybe next time.


sunday collector said...

Such a great shop! Check out my photos/blog post here if you like!

Brabourne Farm said...

Lee I have a confession to make - I've been past this shop a thousand times since it opened but have never gone in because it just didn't appeal! That's all about to change - when I'm in Bowral this week it will be my first stop. I'll let you know what its like. Thanks for the post. Leigh

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