Sunday, February 6, 2011

Textiles: Indigo

I love how blogs bring amazing things to your attention - I was reading this lovely post over at one of my favourite blogs, Cabin on the Water, and Tricia Rose made reference to the Gallery Kei website, so with a simple click or two I popped over to their site and came across these gorgeous indigo textiles!

Anyway, I just know my sister Jacky would love these indigo fabrics so I just had to post these images especially for her. Seeing these Japanese textiles, I can completely understand her fascination - such amazing handcrafted beauty...and all from the Kei Gallery in Kyoto, Japan:

[All images from Gallery Kei]


Notjustnat said...

Hey Lee, you know that not only Jacky is nut about indigo! Moi too, very much we are crazy about Japanese textiles. Thanks for posting. Did you know I'm taking Silk Study Tour to Japan in May? Hope you are well and thanks for posting. I am going there to have a look - Hugs Nat

Jacky said...

So beautiful Lee.... I intend to take a trip over and visit this shop. What bliss to be among those lovely fabrics. Loooove those gorgeous little bags!

Jacky xox

Splenderosa said...

I saw these as well. Looks so coastal to it!

Chiara@MyLittleTiara said...

Love the textiles and all the colors of indigo. Makes me want to get some myself...thanks for sharing :)


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