Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday shop post - Kif and Katast

Kif and Katast - yes it's a strange name & I'm not sure of its origins, but no doubt there's a charming story behind it, because it's a charming shopfront for a very talented design practice here in Melbourne.  Kif and Katast is situated in the Hawksburn Village precinct in Malvern Road, Prahran.  It sells a range of goods designed and created by Kif and Katast themselves and also other Australian and international artists/designers...such as...

Jewellery - this lovely sterling silver brooch has been created by artist Ewa Card: this adorable French bulldog cushion:

These delicate, sculptural cotton pleated jugs:

These beautiful fabric and leather clutch bags by Nancybird (check out their site - the bags are simply gorgeous and they're presented beautifully on their site too):
There's also a range of cards...I like the cards that have been drawn by children - this one's called Samantha Octopus:
There is table linen in store too, from one of my favourite brands, Quince Homewares:
Kif and Katast also create and sell a small range of their own wallpaper and fabric. This is the Red Fennel wallpaper:
And if that's not enough, Kif and Katast also make specifically customised products for clients such as splashbacks and steel screens.  Here's one of their creations close up - the Gingko screen:
If you like what you see here, you can check out more on Kif and Katast's site, or you can visit their shop at 542 Malvern Road, Prahran.
(Images: Kif and Katast)


Bree Oliver said...

Thanks for the tip on the nancybird bags, they are so quirky!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

i have to have that bulldog cushion....argghhhh, i've just ordered two cushions as a result of another blog....and now i have to run down and get this one....soon the boys will have no place on the couch to sit!!! x
ps. and i wonder if my eventual backyard reno could include a lovely handmade screen??

Annie said...

hi lee, this are great things, love the jugs!!!

Kifus said...

I like the Red Fennel wallpaper. So delicate!

vicki archer said...

This looks like a fabulous shop, such cute things, xv.

Brabourne Farm said...

Love the black jugs and everything else. Another of your great finds! Leigh

Cyma said...

Must check it out, looks like a shop I would love :)

FromTheNest said...

Hi Lee,

Love your blog and have just mentioned it in our blog - hope this is ok?


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