Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book love: One

I've been away working interstate this week and haven't been able to post, but one good thing about being away was that while waiting and waiting for my delayed flight last night I had plenty of time to peruse the bookshop. My favourite pastime (perusing bookshops that is, not waiting for flights!). In the airport bookshop my eyes instantly fell upon the beautiful cover of 'One: Living as one and loving it'...

'One' is "celebration of individuality and life" and it is one of the most beautiful pictorial books I have seen in quite a long time - right up there with Sibella Court's Etcetera. I quickly handed over my hard earned cash at the register and I'm now looking forward to devouring both the images and the text of this gorgeous book. Victoria Alexander writes in such a beautiful, prosaic manner. It's very engaging. Best of all, Victoria Alexander has an amazing pictorial blog - this is just one of the lovely images that's both in her book and on her blog. Well worth checking out both the book and the blog!

[Images: 1 - Murdoch Books; 2 - Victoria Alexander]

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Millie said...

Had a quick sqizz at her blog Lee & I love the way she thinks! Enjoy her book.
Millie ^_^

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