Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday shop post: Kyo

Sunday...stormy one minute, then sunny the next. It's like Melbourne can't decide whether it's winter or spring at the moment.  It was in the midst of such undecided weather that my husband, son & I set out to make the trek down to the coastal town of Ocean Grove (about a two hour drive) for 'Oktoberfest', an extended family get-together that celebrates no less than seven family birthdays that occur in the month of October. I pleaded with my husband, "please, please can we head off just a little bit earlier in the morning so that I can stop in at Kyo in Ocean Grove".

Well, despite good intentions we just didn't have the time to make a quick detour to Kyo! So, I've decided that I'm going to have a to make special trip down to Ocean Grove to spend a couple of hours trawling the aisles of this massive warehouse that carries an unusual mix of Argentinian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Moroccan wares. Here's just a taste of what I missed out on (or thinking positively, a sample of things I can look forward to seeing):

And a few of the things I spotted on their site that I particularly like...

A safi ginger jar - beautiful design & colours:

A Chinese hat box with a lovely floral design:

 I could perhaps imagine a couple of these storage chests lined up together in my hall - they might make a nice hall table:
 And a Rajasthan vintage textile pack for my sister who does all sorts of wonderful artistic things with textiles:

[All images from Kyo]


The Princess and The Pea said...

Love the duck egg/turquoise stools! Nicolex

LINDA from OEKE said...

You were down my neck-of-the-woods. Freaky! You will definately LOVE Kyo .. I got my kitchen stools from there and it is a great place!!

Enjoy the visit when you get there!!

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