Monday, April 27, 2009

Sambag handbag

I have a black leather handbag which I lovingly call 'the black hole' because you cannot see my black wallet and my black phone inside - I'm always scratching around the depths of my bag to find them. So this Winter I want something a bit lighter, like this Sambag tote - it would be just the thing to chase away the Winter blues...

This would do the trick because I need a bag big enough to carry my....

  • Oroton wallet

  • iPod

  • make up purse with all my bits and bobs

  • notepad

  • T2 teabags

  • hand cream

  • camera

  • walking shoes

  • mobile phone

  • mints

  • fold-up carry bag

And while I'm pretend spending, I may as well have these shoes to go with my bag...

(Note: This post is really just one big thinly-veiled hint for my husband for my upcoming birthday!)

Images from Sambag.


Leigh said...

Love, love, love Sambag - her shop in Paddington is just divine! Hope your husband gets this very important message.

Blair said...

Oh love both the bags and the shoes. Beautiful shade of taupe and love the tips of those flats!

C.T. said...

Looooooove the bag!! So....when's your birthday!! Are you planning a party here on this Blog address???
;-) Carmie.

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