Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sydney - making a list

This weekend my husband and I will be heading up to Sydney - we're meeting three other couples up there for a long weekend of child-free fun & frivolity. None of us actually live in Sydney, we just happen to be congregating there. Every ANZAC day weekend we get together in either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. We've been doing this for years - the four boys joined the army together when they were 16 and served in the UN peacekeeping force in Namibia and have remained good friends for over 25 years even though none of them are still in the army and they now live in different states. So, we're really looking forward to catching up with our good friends.

I'm also looking forward to checking out the Archibald Prize portraiture exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW...

Image from Art Gallery of NSW

This is a portrait of musician Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu painted by Guy Maestri. It is the winning portrait for the 2009 Archibald Prize. Can't wait to see it (and the other finalists) first hand.

I'm also making a list of some of my favourite Sydney shops that I want to check out while I'm there...

Ici Et La for fabric and French vintage...

Image from Urban Walkabout

Edit for interesting one-off pieces...

Image from Edit

Image from Edit

Cooking marvel Donna Hay's new homewares store...
Images from Donna Hay
Check out the great interview and fabulous pics of Donna's new store over at Far Out Brussels Sprout. It's got me itching to check out the shop!

The Society Inc for its general loveliness - you never know what you'll find when you step inside (oh how I wish they'd get their website up & running - it's been under construction for so long)...
Image from The Society Inc.
You can also read a recent post about this lovely shop at the fabulous blog The Design Files right here.

Parterre - I simply swoon and lust after everything whenever I visit this amazing store (make sure you check out their website - there are some amazing pieces)...

Image from Parterre

No Chintz - I need some fabric for my new bedroom window seat and I just know that I'll find exactly what I want right here...

Image from No Chintz

If you're a Sydneysider, do you know of any furniture and homewares shops that are really worth visiting?


C.T. said...

OMG, omg....I'm speechless!! What a beautiful magnificent painting!!!
Oh..and have fun this weekend, do feel absolutely free to take some pictures(lol)...greeetzzz, Carmie.

Leigh said...

Just a few suggestions:-

Camargue - Mosman
Tolle'n Crowe - Northbridge
Country Trader - Waterloo
Doug Up On Burke Street - Waterloo
David Met Nicole - Surry Hills

Sounds like a wonderful weekend - enjoy.


Millie said...

I bet you're counting the sleeps now Lee! How fantastic you are able to get to see the current Archibald Exhibition - lucky you. I always go to Sydney for work, so I never go shopping, so I'm the last person to ask for recommendations! Note to self - THAT MUST CHANGE!
Millie ^_^

Lee said...

C.T. - I love the Archibald exhibition - it's a very prestigious art competition here in Australia. I will do my best to take some pics while I'm away.

Leigh - thanks so much for these wonderful recommendations. I've jotted them down in my notebook & will let you know which ones I manage to pop into. Not sure how much exploring I'll actually get to do!

Millie - I so know what you're talking about. Last time I was in Sydney I only saw the inside of a taxi, my hotel room & the business premises at which I was working. I'm absolutely rapt that I'm just going up there to 'play' this time.

Julie EJ said...

Hello Lee
Hope you have a wonderful time in Sydney. please bring a lot of pictures from your listed places, if there allowed you to take pictures(smile).

Take care


Hi Lee,

If you are going to the donna hay general store should check out RG Madden, The Art of Wine and Food on Queen Street and Piggott's Store on Ocean Street while you are in Woollahra.

Like Leigh, I would recommend Doug Up On Bourke in Waterloo and then head to Fratelli Fresh / Cafe Sopra (upstairs) for lunch (get in early) and then on to The Country Trader and David Met Nicole. Ici et La is down a bit on Bourke St around the corner. Bourke St Bakery or Cafe Zoe on Bourke St are good for lunch too.

Jacky said...

Lee you are going to have such a fun time in Sydney...wish I was there checking out those fabric shops too!

far out brussel sprout said...

Nerida - you beat me to it! All good recommendations.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I love Sydney so much! Have fun! And if you can handle any more recommendations, I suggest Orson and Blake (just around the corner from Parterre) and Papaya, not far away at Westfield Bondi Junction. In fact, last time I was there I walked from Parterre to Bondi Junction. Make sure you tell us all about it!

C.T. said...

I had a coffee with a friend of mine who came back from her Australia trip. I am soooo much in Love with Sidney! I'm sure I could live there; city, beach, lot's of people....I will have a serious talk with my husband tonight to see if he can get a job overthere.....as if...he's too much in love with Italy. Worth trying though;-) So you better make some nice pictures;-))) (lol)

Have fun this weekend, I'll think of you walking around in metropolitan Sidney, sigh

Krista said...

Wow Parterre is such a great link! I absolutely love that piece you put up on your blog! Thank you so much for sharing the link!


Thx for your lovely comment!

Have an awesome time this weekend.


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