Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday morning shop post - Poulier and Poulier

The husband & wife team Lisa and Mark Poulier are Melbourne-based graphic designers and, being lovers of typography, they have created this very stylish range of prints and tea towels, available through their company Poulier and Poulier.

This is my favourite, and I think I should purchase it to hang next to my husband's desk...
This is a print of the Kew tram roll. They also have Toorak, Fitzroy & St Kilda tram roll prints and tea towels.
And how cute is this 'T' towel. Too pretty to use to dry the dishes with I reckon.

All images are from Poulier and Poulier.


viera said...

Fabulous prints!. Thanks so much for a tip!

Heather said...

Hi Lee. I remember you wanting to resize your header picture. If you email it to me, I'll give it a try for you.

Millie said...

Great post Lee - I've been to their website & am just about to return to purchase. Love the old tram roll prints, perfect for my Sister-in-Law's b/day next month. She's at Mont Albert & will love this!
Millie ^_^

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I'm off to check them out now. I was at an auction house on Saturday and saw a fabulous vintage eye chart - but you had to buy it in a lot - all old doctor's surgery stuff. Very cool but not stuff I have a use for!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

ooh, i love the T towel - i would love to own one of these!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Great find! Love them all! I'll be sure to look at their site! I've had much practice at looking at these charts and certainly prefer this lot! Thanks: Julie

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