Thursday, May 7, 2009

Musings on blogging

Image from Homes & Gardens

Reading my favourite blogs often feels like having my own personalised magazine - one that I know I'll love but one that I never know exactly what it will contain. It's like having a fave online magazine that provides stacks of inspiration!

But in the few months I've been blogging, I sometimes ponder the following questions...

  • Why is it that I feel that I must have a picture with every blog post?
  • Why is that some days I struggle to find something to post and other days I have a million and one blogging ideas running around in my head?
  • Why is it that I feel so happy when someone leaves a comment?
  • Why do I constantly worry about copyright infringement?
  • Why is it that some days it feels as if I am just rehashing something that's already been seen a thousand times before in the blogosphere and other days I think 'hey, that's not a bad post!'?
  • Why is it that I now look at the world around me and see much more beauty and want to capture it (with my crappy camera) all the time?
  • Why is it that with some blogs I can always find something to comment on, whereas with other blogs I feel too scared or overawed to even press the 'comment' button?
  • Why do I feel compelled to blog at least once a day when I can?
  • Where oh where do all these brilliant bloggers find all these fabulous images? Now if I wanted to find some fiendishly chic picture of a gorgeous woman sitting at an irresistably gorgeous desk with a magnificent view (a la Diane Keaton's desk in 'Somethings Gotta Give'), I wouldn't even know where the hell to begin to find it.
  • Why do I have so much trouble formatting in Blogger? Take a look at the line spacing in this very post.
  • Why do I use so many exclamation marks when I blog?
  • Why is it that at 10 o'clock at night I'm sitting here thinking these inane thoughts and typing them into my blog??

Oh well, maybe I'll feel like rising to the challenge of posting something inspirational tomorrow. Everyone has their off days right?!?


Leanne Ambrogio said...

I think you have just said what every blogger is probably saying - I know that is how I feel and I have only just started my blog a month ago! Your blog is wonderful - keep up the good work and if it only contains one line so be it! Leanne (my blog is if you want to have a quick look and yes I aspire to have a blog more like yours!!!)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

This is spot on! I am only new to all this and already have some of the thoughts you have expressed. I wanted to blog for myself and if anyone else read it then great, but already find I am questioning whether the content will be interesting, original etc. You are one of the kind people who have commented on my blog and yes it does make you smile to receive feedback. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Whhuuahahaaa...hahhaaa...I can't stop laughing!!
I'm sorry, but it sounds oooh soo familiar to me. Santa Maria,....this was such a hilarious post.
Thank you for writing down my own fears and doubts, and making me laugh about it. I'm also thankful for all the nice comments you (can) leave on my blog ;-)
XXX, Carmie.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

You are not having an 'off' day at all - this is a fabulous post! You've expressed how I often feel about blogging. And those damn spaces, get me swearing everytime!

OLIVEAUX said...

I think I have had these thoughts run through my head on many occasions. You have said it beautifully! Ax

Nadia said...

Ha! This is great and so very true. You are definitely not alone as I can relate to all of your points!

A-M said...

Spot on Lee! I'll join you in your 'off day' if you like.... but mines going to extend to probably a month...I'm exhausted with it all! Just take a break if it all gets too much. Everyone does it! You are soooo not alone in your feelings. A-M xx

Leigh said...

Lee, how brilliantly you've summed up the art of blogging! Obviously we all have these thoughts and doubts - you've put them into words. You're blog is wonderful, one of my everyday must reads - just keep doing what you're doing as your "style" is great! Leigh

Kristie said...

LOL...I think that everyone who has ever blogged has gone through exactly what you're feeling right now. I once likened the number of comments you recieve to being popular in high school :) The bloggers who get hundreds of comments are the popular girls and those (like me) who manage to get a few are just the ordinary one...LOL. I'm with you too on feeling too intimidated to comment on some blogs! You should be happy that yours is NOT one of seem much more accessible than some of the blogs I read...but not less admirable, because you are definitely one of my favourites :)

Heather said...

I so agree. I can never find these beautiful pictures everyone else has. My theory is they've been collecting them for ever and stashing then into a file long before blogging existed

Dot said...

Hi Lee
Very interesting post. I think you asked a lot of question's that many blogger's ask themselves.
I used to blog every day when I first started blogging but found it too hard to keep up (and to find interesting things to blog about). So blog once a week now and find that works for me. But know a lot of other bloggers blog every day.

I really liked your question below:
"Why is it that I now look at the world around me and see much more beauty and want to capture it (with my crappy camera) all the time?"

Think that is one of the beautiful things about blogging. Viewing the world in a different way and documenting it. I take my camera everywhere now!

You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. Lot's of visuals and inspiring words to read.

And I like comments too - think it is only human to enjoy knowing that people are reading your blog.
Have a great weekend!

Purple Berries said...

Lee-Ann I soooooooooooooo want that H&G desk, you know how cluttered I am!!

I go in and out with blogging. I have my daily reads and those i just visit sometimes. Sometimes I have lots to say (surprise) at others a picture tells the story.

I crave comments on my blog, but get none, but it doesn't stop me blogging. It's a fun way of having your say!


mondo cherry said...

Love it! We so have days like this too.
Your blog is superb.
Clare x

Millie said...

Oh Lee, what a great post! I remember your very first post & how you very tentatively put it out there. Now just look at you girl, you have a blog we all love to visit & is certainly a must on my daily rounds. So you are doing everything right, don't sweat the small stuff, just continue to post what you enjoy. And I don't care a rats if there's no pic some days.

If you're having an off-day just go over to French Essence & revisit that piece Vicki A. wrote that attracted so much comment. And my other piece of advice is to take a good 3/4 week break like I do over Christmas. Does wonders for the Blog soul!
Love Millie ^_^

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