Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stationery love

I love stationery - I enjoy touching it, looking at it, using it, coveting it and even making it (I currently have a fixation with making envelopes!!!).

Last night I had dinner with some girlfriends, and my friend Brenda gave me a lovely box of stationery from Mudlark as a belated birthday present. When I got home late last night I absent-mindedly plonked the box down on my bedside table, right on top of my Amy Butler stationery box. And then when I was making my bed this morning, I looked a bit closer at these gorgeous stationery boxes and thought that they looked so nice sitting there together next to books I'm currently reading.

Here are the stationery boxes resting on the handmade quilt that my sister made me...

And isn't the quote on the inside of the Mudlark stationery box lovely: 'Nothing is worth more than this day' (Johann Van Goethe). How true is that! Such lovely stationery, and now I'm inspired to write a note to someone today.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh this is truly beautiful. I use to buy stationery, but ended up never using them, because I found them too beautiful. Now I just look at them in the shops and dream of writing something nice to someone. Strange isn't it??!!
Your sister is very good at making those handmade quilts i must say - I'm not that patience to make those kind of things.

Millie said...

Lovely boxes of treats Lee, you're right, they do look so pretty together. I've had a post on the lack of hand-written letters sitting in my Blogger Drafts for ages. Now you have inspired me to clean it up & post - thanks!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Both set of stationery are beautiful. Lucky you! I love the Amy Butler. She is such a clever girl! And speaking of clever girls, I'd love to see more of that quilt!

Jacky said...

Lee your stationery from Brenda is gorgeous. I didnt get a chance to look at it on Tuesday night. Wasnt it a lovely catch up with the girls?
Love that quote too...must put that in my journal.

Jacky xox

p.s. do you know I havent used any of my Amy Butler stationery, I just love looking at it at the moment.

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