Friday, August 28, 2009

Artist: Cressida Campbell

Reading the fabulous interview of textile designer Sally Campbell over at The Design Files, I followed the link to artist Cressida Campbell's site and was reminded yet again of the absolute beauty of her woodblock paintings...
So, I now know what I'd like in my Christmas stocking this year...Cressida Campbell's book of illustrations of her beautiful woodblock paintings.  I'll just have to make sure that I remember to drop a few hints to my husband when it gets a bit closer to Christmas!

(Images: Cressida Campbell)


Jane said...

How beautiful those colours and that texture. I would love to have some of her work.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous Lee
Such lovely use of colour. I'm sure Santa would do well to put this in a few stockings this xmas!! x Julie

Courtney said...

Those are just beautiful! I especially love the first one, it is such a fantastic representation of a lovely environment.

Jacky said...

Lee me too! What a beautiful, beautiful book...I can just imagine devouring pages of beautiful art. You will have to give Paul the *hint* for me.
You find the best artist my little sister. I'm so pleased you have blog.

Jacky xox

Novi On The Go said...

I just came from Cressida's website, she makes beautiful work. The shapes, the colors... gorgeous! I like the bowls painting, beauty in simplicity. Thank you for sharing!

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