Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sculpture - Antony Gormley

I am in awe of the work of the famous English sculptor Antony Gormley, perhaps best known for the amazing Angel of the North sculpture in Gateshead, England... Here's a short excerpt from Antony's biography on his website, and pictures of some if his incredible sculptures of the human form:

"Over the last 25 years Antony Gormley has revitalised the human image in sculpture through a radical investigation of the body as a place of memory and transformation, using his own body as a subject, tool and material. Since 1990 he has expanded his concern with the human condition to explore the collective body and the relationship between self and other in large-scale installations"

This last sculpture was made purely of waste items and was later burnt by the artist. Pretty incredible!
(Images: Antony Gormley)

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Julie@beingRUBY said...

oooh... arrhhh ... oh!! Some look painful. But they are incredible. I like some more than others, however they all make you stop and consider. Which is just what art should do. Great post! x Julie

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