Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday shop post: Twigg and Blossom

The Notebook magazine just dropped into my letterbox this afternoon and in said magazine is a lovely article featuring Belinda Seper's floral/homewares/cafe store, Twigg and Blossom, located in Berrima (about an hour or so from Sydney).  Belinda is perhaps better known for her beautiful high-end fashion forward Belinda stores in Sydney and Melbourne, and of course as you can imagine her foray into flowers is just as beautiful.

I particularly love the 'flowers for a year' offered by Twigg and Blossom, described on the site as:

"A wonderful gift idea, or a domestic necessity? Each month a special bunch of flowers will arrive filling the house with seasonal colour and perfume.

Flowers for a Year costs $700 which includes 12 bouquets worth $70 each, delivered locally in the Southern Highlands (you only pay for 10) and a complimentary vase (worth $40) is chosen to suit our Twigg and Blossom country bouquets."

What a fabulous idea! Now why isn't there something like this available in Melbourne ?? Perhaps there is but I just don't know about it.  If you do know, please let me in on the secret - my husband would think that this is a present that is absolutely tailor-made for either me or his mother (we both absolutely love fresh flowers in the house).

Getting back to Twigg and Blossom, here's just a taste of the beautiful flowers they put together...

Such floral beauty (and more can be seen here) - we've organised a visit to the Southern Highlands next January and I'm flagging Twigg and Blossom as a 'must visit' when I'm there.

[All images from Twigg and Blossom]


Ann said...

Lovely idea! And gorgeous flowers. Ann x

Jacky said...

So beautiful Lee...I always love the floral pieces you feature on your blog. So much inspiration!

Jacky xox

Fabulously french said...

Gorgeous Lee, very inspiring! Note to self - buy some flowers at market tomorrow or leave subtle hint for Mr FF on back of front door tomorrow morning :-)

Leeann x

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