Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Image from John W Golden

My camera is broken. I hadn't realised how dependent I'd become on this little piece of machinery until it's laying on my husband's desk in several pieces. Let's just say that the incident involved my son, a torch, and broken screen in my digital camera.

My husband being 'Mr Fix-it' had no trouble removing the screen. We rang camera repairers and they said that since we'd already done the all the hard work removing the screen that it would be best to deal directly with Nikon to purchase a new screen. But trying to get a replacement screen from Nikon spare parts is like trying to climb Mt Everest! The switchboard won't deal with you, they just put you through to Spare Parts. And, every time you ring Spare Parts their message bank is full! So, day after day I try to get my beloved camera fixed. It wasn't an expensive camera, it might actually be more economical to buy a new one, but I prefer to fix things rather than just consume more stuff.

And why is it that without my camera I have seen a thousand and one images that would be wonderful to photograph!


Anonymous said...

Read your profile, strolled through your blog...I think you're in the wrong workingplace love...God how I love your style / blog!!!! ;-)

Lee said...

C.T. - thank you so much for your lovely comment. I must admit that in the past few days I've felt a bit despondent about my blog because I just feel like I'm rehashing stuff that's already out there in blogland. But your comment cheered me up so much - it made my day. So a big thank you. Lee :)

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