Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tea for Two or T2?

Image from Flipp

There are shops where you buy tea and then there's T2...dark, handsomely designed stores where you can buy the most beautiful, brightly packaged tea (think bright orange, red & yellow boxes) which tastes altogether heavenly. Each store has a fabulous tea table filled with tiny bowls of all T2's available teas. You can see the difference and smell the aroma of each tea. They have daily tastings and they sell the most stylish tea making paraphernalia - funky, modern cups sitting right next to delicate china with botanical designs. Take a look at their site here and make sure you take their tea personality test - it's fun. Apparently I like earl grey and gen mai sencha!

1 comment:

vicki archer said...

I love this image Lee and shall enjoy browsing their website - now that I am a regular tea drinker, xv.

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