Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Eight vintage furniture

No. Eight in the UK does wonderful vintage furniture. In fact, No. Eight does wonderful everything! There's not a thing on their online shop site that I wouldn't love in my home. All these beautiful painted and battered pieces are available on their site. Which one is your favourite? If I was forced to choose, I think I'd take the creamy dresser in the second shot.

Now if I could just work out how to ship one of these babies back to Australia for next to nothing I'd be one happy girl.

I love the dog in this last shot - he reminds me a little bit of Scruffy from 'The Ghost & Mrs Muir'. I wonder if he's the shop dog or a model? Do they have such things as 'model' dogs?!?
All images from No. Eight.


A-M said...

The Ghost and Mrs Muir..... I have not thought of that show since the 1970's. Oh I loved the theme music and Clayton's (was it Clayton?) giggle. It IS scruffy. Love the furniture by the way! A-M xx

Geisslein said...

Oh how I love vintage furniture!!!
Wish you a great day today!

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I'd love a little dog like that - wonder what breeds it has in its blood.
I used to love watching The Ghost and Mrs Muir - haven't thought about that show for ages.

Millie said...

In total agreement with you Lee, such fabulous stuff & lovely to see it's all pre-loved & ready to go to new homes.
Millie ^_^

Blair said...

What beautiful pieces! Now I am wishing they shipped to the US! That is one cute dog--intesrting question about dog models..hmmm..

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