Friday, June 4, 2010

Making room for artwork

There is always room in my home for art. I can always find some space on my walls to hang something beautiful, and what could be more beautiful than this gorgeous watercolour of pomegranates that my sister is currently painting for me - it's a 'work in progress', but as you can see, it's almost complete. I'm so excited, Icannot wait to frame it and hang it in my living area.  Whilst I cannot paint, sew or stitch to save myself, my sister is stellar in the creative department - she paints, sews, knits, creates the most beautiful patchwork quilts, and sometimes I am the lucky recipient of her wonderful artistic endeavours...

Even though I don't have much of an artistic bent, it doesn't stop me from having a go. See the artwork in the picture below (the large piece on the right)...well it's providing the inspiration for something I'm creating. We have a very large space over our fireplace that has been bare for almost 5 years now (that's how long since we did our renovation/extension)...we have been waiting for the 'perfect' piece of art for the space but due to very limited $$ available for art I have decided to have a go at creating something myself using the picture below as inspiration. I am using whites and creams in the piece I am creating.  At the moment it's just a pile of hundreds & hundreds of tiny little squares of different paper spread across my dining room table, but it's coming together slowly but surely. When it's complete, framed and hung I promise to post an image or two.


mondo cherry said...

Your artwork in progress sounds like it is going to be stunning. I'm sure it will be worth the five year wait!
Hope you finish it soon as I can't wait to see a photo of the finished product.
Clare x

Kerry said...

That so makes me want to get the paint brushes out and I really love the sound of what you're doing. Can't wait to see it. My post today said that if I were going to be a fruit it would have to be a pomegranate! Aren't they spectacular and what a beautiful job your sister is doing capturing that.

Jacky said...

Lee I am so pleased that you like the pomegranate piece so are always doing such lovely things for me that it is nice to be able to give something back in return.

Sending a big warm hug for your love and support.

Jacky xox

Kimberlee said...

your sister is too talented!!
and as for your artistic endeavours - looks incredibly exciting, can't wait to see the finished product xx

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