Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday shop post: Potier

A couple of weeks ago my husband was working in the lovely Melbourne bayside suburb of Albert Park - I arranged to meet him one morning at the great cafe/restaurant Nacional for a quick coffee. While I was propped up at a bench at the window sipping my coffee I spied the relatively new store Potier  (it opened a few months ago I think) directly across the road...well of course as my husband knows how much I love ceramics he indulged me with a quick pitstop at Potier immediately after our coffee. Potier is apparently the 14th century word for 'potter' and its a very appropriate name for this gorgeous little shop that sells beautiful artisan ceramics made by both Australian and European artists.  Here are just a few of the works by ceramic artists available at Potier...
Ceramic artist: Katherine Mahoney

Ceramic artist: Marianne Huhn

Ceramic artist: Ingrid Tufts

Ceramic artist: Lene Kuhl Jacobsen

Ceramic artist: Simone Braund

Potier is located at 29 Mills Street, Albert Park.

[All images: Potier]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

All fantastic and very different, but the first set by Katherine Mahoney are my favourite as they have that little rustic touch!
Sounds like a great spot to have a wander around after your coffee...
:) Flick

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