Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday: Mornington Peninsula

Yesterday was a delight. A drive down to the Mornington Peninsula with my husband & son (with lots of music and idle chit chat on the way), some antique fossicking at Tyabb Packing House Antiques, a quick glimpse at the Somers Beach (far too cold for an extended stroll), a fireside lunch at the Somers General Store...
(Obviously this shot from their site was taken in summer)

(We were lucky enough to nab a table right near the fireplace - it was warm & toasty)

(Gorgeous jugs on display in the sweet little shop adjoining the cafe)

Then it was back in the car and on to Flinders to feast my eyes on the lovely store, Tree. I loved this image from their site - it captures all the wonderful things about winter...

And finally, with dusk approaching there was a lazy drive back to the Big Smoke. Once home, I whipped up a shepherd's pie - an excellent, hearty winter meal that was eaten together with a glass of T'Gallant wine from the Mornington Peninsula. This proved a great end to a lovely, leisurely Saturday.

I hope your Saturday was just as wonderful!

[Images: 1-4 - Somers General Store; 5 - Succulent Designs (Tree)]

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