Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday shop post: Hamish & Grace Homewares

One day last week when making a beeline to the the bookshop in Brighton, I quickly detoured into Hamish and Grace Homewares because these glass and nickel pendant lights caught my eye. I thought they might be a great replacement for the horrid shades I currently have hanging over our kitchen island bench. So I snapped a shot them on my phone to show my husband. Husband's verdict: Not in my kitchen! I swear, he's fussier than I am!!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you some of the other lovelies sold by this little store. Honestly, it's quite a small space, but they fit an awful lot into it - furniture, lighting, artwork, jewellery, cushions, candles, etc. Take a look...

Hamish and Grace Homewares is located at 29 Carpenter Street, Brighton, Victoria. They also have an online shop that sells quite a lot of what they actually have in the actual store.

[All images from Hamish and Grace Homewares]


Jane said...

Have just checked out their site it is great and I love those carved hurricane lamp thingies - so much more interesting than the normal glass ones.

What a shame about those lights. Oh those picky husbands!

LINDA from OEKE said...

Oh how I miss living in Melbourne. The coast is great for soooo many things - but shopping is NOT one of them. I love the lights you chose (darn husbands and their opinions!!). Going to their store right now. Thanks Lee (-:

Kimberlee said...

lovely shop Lee - I think I could plan a shopping trip from heaven just from your blog posts.
I have just purchased those glass and nickel pendant lights for my kitchen - they are just delicious!! x

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a cute shop, I love a lot of what I see there! The lights you chose are really funky... pity the Hubby's are on their own planet when it comes to decorating!!
Flick :)

Fabulously french said...

Love the shop, it is gorgeous!

Leeann x

Annie@A View On Design said...

OMG, that shop is divine, I must get down there sometime!

Ann said...

Lovely shop.. again... just off to their website. Grr husbands - I often think I should stop checking and just bring it home - mine would not notice!

Chic Little Shop said...

Hi Lee
What a lovely shop!
You must know many many beautiful shops in Melbourne..(smile)
I shall pay a visit oneday.

Julie xx

Angela Furlong said...

What a lovely shop! Those pendants are just like the ones I used in my Orange house... they looked amazing! x

Leslie said...

Gorgeous photos and products. I live in New South Wales but would love to visit the shop sometime.

Hamish and Grace said...

Hi Lee,
Thank you so much for popping this up on your blog over a year ago. We would absolutly Love if you would come in to the shop and see how much we have changed and grown!
Please introduce yourself so we can thank you.
Thanks Again,
The Hamish and Grace Girls

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