Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clocks not clock

Clocks - both functional and beautiful. I think they look amazing when they're grouped in large numbers...here's just a few great examples...

Of course, looking at these images I want to hang more than one clock on my wall!

[Images: 1 - Bobo Intriguing Objects; 2 - Country Living; 3 - Quintessential Duck Egg Blue; 4 - The Propery]


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Oh Lee, a woman after my own heart! I have WAY too many clocks. They're the perfect wall filler and everywhere I go I am always drawn to them. I love a collection of them too (especially little vintage alarm clocks) though the ticking would drive my hubby mad!

Bree Oliver said...

Thanks for the inspiration, I just love these images.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Lee
Love all these clocks.. I just threw out an oversized clockface in my move [lame attempt at downsizing] and now regret it!! huh! I'm sure I'll end up with another soon,. just love them!!

Hope you are well.. my internet connection in new place is slow when working at all.. take care xxx Julie

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