Friday, July 30, 2010

Rooms made for winter

These living rooms are tailor-made for Winter - roaring fires, large comfy sofas, plenty of books...even though they're all quite different in terms of style, they draw you in and make you want to linger a while...

(This is my favourite, although it's not actually a living room - it's Liberty in London (I think??))

Hope you have a happy weekend filled with lots of good things!
[Images: 1 - Westbrook Interiors; 2 - Catalona Inc; 3 - Oliveaux; 4 - James Merrell; 5 - Debi Treloar]


Brabourne Farm said...

Every one of these gorgeous rooms would be perfect for a lazy winter's weekend. I love the clock in the first image - just beautiful. Hope you have a lovely warm weekend. Leigh

A-M said...

Oh that first stone fire place just stops my heart. Rustic and earthy... love stone. A-M xx

Chic Little Shop said...

Bonjour Lee

I will have to make you a cushion saying " 'je suis tres fatigues' (LOL).

Julie xx

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