Thursday, July 8, 2010

A total mess

My son's bedroom is 'a total mess' at the moment. We're in the midst of making some big changes to his bedroom to make it much nicer and to ensure that it's much more suitable for his coming teenage years. It's the last room in the house to be renovated! The changes we're making are:
  • Remove the ugly, old gas heater fireplace
  • Remove a redundant door (and plaster over the area)
  • Replaster all the walls
  • New skirting boards
  • New architraves
  • Repaint all the walls (Dulux Chalk USA for the ceiling & trims; Hog Bristle [half strength] for the walls)
  • Install built-in robes
  • Install built-in bookshelves
  • Install built-in desk
  • Recarpet the room (and our bedroom and living room area too while we're at it)
  • Changeover from single bed to double bed - so new bed linen too
  • Create a padded bedhead
  • A new desk chair and armchair or small sofa for the room
  • New light fitting
  • Some artwork for the walls
We have of course had various 'consultations' with our son about how he wants his bedroom to look - he's not too fussed really, he simply said he'd like "some blue stripes in my doona cover", and "can I have some drawers instead of all shelves". He's pretty easy going.  So in response to his requests, he has selected his bed linen and we've reconfigured the bookshelves to make sure that drawers are incorporated.

Now, I warn you, these pictures aren't son is a bit of a hoarder (hence lots of storage & shelving being built) and everything has been pushed into the center of the room while work goes on around it:

This shot is looking in to the bedroom - the built-in robes are being constructed to the right.

The section of wall to the left is where the old gas heater was (it had been disconnected years ago) - replastering is in progress

This is looking back out to the hallway - the wall to the left had to be completely reconstructed.

All of the above shots were taken a few weeks ago, and things have progressed since then - the first coat of paint has gone on, the built-in bookshelves have been installed etc.

Needless to say, our son is not sleeping in his room at present. We can't wait until it's all finished, but progress is pretty slow at this stage given that my husband can only work on the room on the weekends. This weekend the second coat of paint will go on the walls, and the laminate for the desk will be ready on Monday, or so the cabinetmaker assures us.

Sorry I didn't take any 'before' photos (very thoughtless of me I know), but I will post some 'after' photos when we've completed the room.


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hi Lee. Sounds like a big project! It's great your son seems so easy going about it all. I'm already looking forward to seeing how it eventually ends up.

Anonymous said...

That's a big job Lee! It will be so nice for your son to have a fresh new room... they love it when their choices are incorperated. I look forward to seeing the finished room, I hope you get it all done soon!
Flick :)

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