Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sharon Storrier Lyneham's home was featured in the May-June 2008 edition of Inside Out. Sharon is owner of the eclectic Sydney homewares store Edit . This following picture of the store is from the Edit site - you should take a look at the site, it shows some of the gorgeous pieces that are available.

Over a year after her home being featured in the magazine, I'm still quite taken with it - she says that she has filled it with things that she loves and things that inspire her. It shows! The home is filled with lots of books, artwork and lots of carefully selected pieces. I especially love the large Thorton Walker painting that's shown in the feature (he's one of my favourite artists) and the celadon pieces sitting below the painting.

Sorry that the images aren't very good quality, but if you go to the 'press' section of the Edit website you'll be able to see much clearer images there.

(Images: Edit)

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Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well here is a great Sydney store. I guess I have no excuses for not visiting this one. I remember that article and thinking how wonderful her home is. It certainly looks like a home that is enjoyed! Great post choice!

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