Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday morning shop post - Forme

One day last week I opened my morning newspaper and to my delight I saw an ad for Forme - they were having a 2 day sale on the weekend. Excellent I thought, I'm going to go along see whether I can snaffle one of these twiggy lights for my dining room area (hopefully at a much reduced rate)... Alas, I get to the showroom and they don't even have any as floorstock yet, let alone have them on sale!!! And as much as I love the twiggy light, with the 'R' word (i.e. recession) being bandied about so much there was no way that my hubby was going to agree to parting with close to $1000 for a light for our dining area. Guess what...I left empty handed!

But here's a taste of what Forme looks like and the goodies that they have in store....

Forme has two shops - one in Cecil Street, South Melbourne, and the other in Chapel Street, South Yarra.
P.S. You may have noticed that this post is in green font...the reason being that it's in support of the people in Iran and their right to a free and transparent election process. This is a very simple gesture, as proposed by Lisa @ Coastal Nest, but it is one that helps raise awareness. For more information read Lisa's post.
(Images: Forme)


Jacky said...

Lee I love the chair and stool in the last photo. Beautifully shaped and that colours gorgeous.

Good on you for putting your text in green for this post to bring about awareness for the plight of the Iranians too.

Jacky xox

Millie said...

Thanks Lee for your support, it is most appreciated. I try to make my blog apolitical, but on this occasion I really felt strongly about raising awareness.
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Check my blog, XXX, Carmie.


The Twiggy comes in gray too?? Oh, it just gets worse and worse for me! But wait, was it $1,000? Because I'm seeing it here for over US$2,000.

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