Friday, February 27, 2009

A bird in the hand

Image from Est Australia

If I get a chance this weekend, I think I'll take myself off to Est Australia to purchase one of these whimsical little birds to hang in the garden.

On another matter altogether, Vicki over at French Essence has written a very illuminating, thought-provoking post titled 'to blog or not to blog'. It's all about why we blog, how often we blog, the pressure to blog. It's worth taking a look at the post & comments if you have the time. Vicki's post really made me stop and take stock about this whole blogging thing. It's an enigma indeed.

Have a great weekend!


vicki archer said...

I love these pretty birds and can imagine them floating below the branches.
Lee thank you so much for your thoughtful comment at French Essence and also for the nod today on your post. I have enjoyed hearing everyones thoughts so much. The great thing I realize is how much we all love to blog and it doesn't matter how we do it but that we do it. xv

Catherine said...

Oooh can you pick me up something while you're there?:)

lily-g said...

they would look gorgeous hanging in a tree, would love a pair myself, I keep reading Vicki's post so well written and very touching, have a great week-end x

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Thanks for your comment...I love your blog too! xx

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