Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tagged...6 interesting things about me

Image from Claire Richardson

The delightful Mrs B at Decorating a Modern Home has tagged me. My challenge is to come up with six interesting things about myself and post them on my blog, and then I have to ask 6 other bloggers to do the same.

I've been thinking about this post since yesterday and I'm hard pressed to come up with six things that are even remotely interesting! So here's what I've come up with...
  1. I haven't eaten red meat in almost 25 years, and I can honestly say that I've never had any inclination to eat it since giving it up in April 1984 (gosh it makes me feel old just writing that).

  2. I cannot go to sleep at night without reading - it doesn't matter if I hit the sack at 1am or 2am in the morning, I still need to read a few pages just to switch off. It works a treat.

  3. The first thing I always, always do every morning is the puzzles in 'The Age' newspaper - the sudoko, the general knowledge questions, the word puzzles. It's like my mental exercises for the day and it gets my brain ticking.
  4. I won a beautiful car in a competition a year or so ago - and I kept it! This was an amazing experience, particularly since the only other thing I've ever won in my life was a basket of Easter eggs over 15 years ago.
  5. I have considerable difficulty giving away/retiring books - hence I have over 500 books on my bookshelves. I have no problems lending books though, in fact I love introducing friends to new books/authors that I think they will like.

  6. In my early 20's I did triathlons - anyone who knows me now will find that hard to believe because I'm such a bookworm and sloth.

Now, here's the really difficult bit, I have to name 6 bloggers that I'd like to find 6 interesting things about. I'd really like to know more about:

Jacky at Art 4 Moi

Catherine at Simply Natural Decor

Geisslein at Creative by Geisslein

Heather at 'H' is for...

Terri at Wind Lost

Ness at Marley & Lockyer


Geisslein said...

Hi Lee,thats so lovely from you to nominate me for this game,but I´ve played it already maybe 3 weeks ago.But it mean very much to me,that my blog is one of your favorites,I´m so happy about it, thank you SO MUCH!!! You´ve made my day now :o) I wish you a wonderful and inspiring week! geisslein

Mrs B said...

Hi Lee
What a beautiful list you have and how exciting you won a car! I have bought so many car raffle tickets for charities and often you wonder if they do have an actual draw! Thankyou so much for playing the game...I actually had to think about my 6 interesting things for 3 days before I posted. Often it is the little sweet stories that are the most wonderful to read.
Mrs B

Terri said...

Aren't you an interesting one! I think the part about winning the car is very cool! I will have to think about this. I usually don't do these games because there are just so many, but I just might do this one because I have so many different readers now...


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