Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Which picture would I hang?

Wandering around Borders bookshop one evening a while back I happened across the most gorgeous art book titled 'Modern Australian Women: paintings and prints 1925 - 1945'. The book includes some amazing pieces of art that still look thoroughly modern today. I played that lovely game of 'Which painting/print would I choose to hang in my home?'. Here are just a few images (woodcuts, linocuts and oils) by the incredibly talented artists represented in the book...any of which I'd gladly hang in my home...

1. Clarice Beckett, Beach road after rain, c. 1927

2. Dorrit Black, Air travel, c. 1949

3. Ethel Spowers, Wet afternoon, c. 1930

4. Margaret Preston, Mosman Bridge, c. 1927

5. Thea Proctor, The rose, c. 1928

6. Kathleen O'Connor, In the studio, c. 1928

Images 1, 2, 3 and 4 from National Gallery of Victoria.
Images 5 and 6 from National Gallery of Australia.


Millie said...

Ooh decisions, decisions Lee! These are just wonderful, so fresh & vibrant despite their age. I've been a long-time Preston fan, so that's the one I covet the most.
Millie ^_^

LexyB said...

That margaret preston knew how to work a pallette, didn't she?

Ro Bruhn said...

That's a hard choice Lee, I think Thea Proctor would just win out on my wall, but Margaret Preston would be a close second. Welcome to the world of blogging.
I'll be back.

Jacky said...

Hi Lee. Dont we have some wonderful artists in Australia...I love them all but very partial to Margaret Preston. She can hang on my wall any time!!! (Just read all of the other comments, seems I'm not the only Margaret Preston fan).
Must keep an eye out of that book, I loved poring over it when I visited last. Maybe we better visit Borders again next time I visit?

Jacky xox

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