Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mag addict

I have a serious problem! I'm a magazine addict and I think I need to go to 'magazines anonymous' (if there was such a thing). In these very tight financial times it feels so decadent and frivolous to subscribe to magazines - I won't say how many because I think I'd shock myself. But I justify this extravagance because I don't smoke, don't buy expensive clothes, hardly ever have take-away, and very rarely drink and the shelter magazines provide me with an escape from the realities of life for a mere hour or two.

That said, how excited was I when the new edition of Inside Out dropped in my letter box this morning!! It's got a snazzy little kitchen and bathroom renovation book...

And best of all an article on the lovely Shannon Fricke (whose blog I adore)...

All images are courtesy Inside Out magazine. Sorry about the size of the last two photographs - I have absolutely no idea how to resize or enlarge photos yet. (Any tips would be gratefully accepted).
Now please excuse me while I take myself off to devour the mag from back to front with a good cup of tea. Pure bliss!


Millie said...

I could have written this post Lee, I'm exactly the same. However, I've really made an effort to cull my monthly quota this year, so far so good, but time will tell.
Millie ^_^

Catherine said...

Perhaps you and I could go to Magazines Anonymous together. Like you I justify it by saying it is my one little pleasure - I don't drink (hardly), smoke, buy lots of clothes, buy DVDs or CDs, so one little vice is ok isn't it? Besides, we are doing our bit for the economy in one teeny tiny way.

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