Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loving this...

Loving this lounge so much I'd even take the old Labrador spread out on the rug! Although, I'm not too sure how long the cream couches and chairs would remain pristine with my 11 year old son around.

(Images from Living etc)


Lauren said...

I've definitely had to go with washable slipcovers for our little guy!! (because i love the white upholstery!!)

also, thanks so much for your sweet comment!! i really appreciate it!! :)

LexyB said...

The labrador is most delicious. I can't work out how their cream lounge is so cream if they have a dog?

Millie said...

Yes slipcovers are a must Lee! MOTH thought I was mad getting a white/cream lounge 12 yrs. ago with all our mob of messy boys, but they've really lasted the distance. Just whip them off (the covers, not the boys!), chuck them into the washing machine & a good windy, sunny day for a quick dry & voila, good as new!

Nothing's impossible if you really want it!
Millie ^_^

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